Produced at JL DESIGN
Role: Motion designer

台北世界設計之都 Logo Animation
若將世界設計之都的圓形符號視為象徵完善的設計城市, 臺北就像一個邁向圓形的不完美多面體,是故透過主視覺的設計,審視城市各種機能的過去、現況與未來,以正在形塑成圓體的結構,呈現出如:「民眾參與」、「資訊串連」、「城市再生」等城市發展所面臨的議題,透過點、線、面的匯集、串連與重組,以視覺設計呈現出解決問題的方法與不斷提升的動力。

WDC Taipei 2016 Logo Animation
One of the plans going forward is to engage its residents in discussion on the betterment of the city. The future of the capital lies in its ability to evolve, to adapt, to set the wheels in motion. Hence the design for the Taipei City logo is a reflection on a capital whose vision of its future is still taking shape. The logo takes the form of an imperfect circle, a derivative of the WDC logo, with design elements in the state of reaching the final form. Three themed logos addressing on the ways the city can go forward are titled “Engaging the Community ”, “Connecting Information” and “A City Reborn”. An adaptive city, sets its designs in motion.

Client : 台北市文化局、台灣創意設計中心 TDC
Design Agency : JL
Creative Director : JL 羅申駿
Main Visual Consultant : 王志弘 
Executive Producer : Angela Moo 巫安琪
Senior Producer : Tsai Chiaying 蔡佳穎
Project Manager : Ryan Lin 林志翰
Art Director : Lance Wei 魏良恩
Lead Designer : Hsiang Ju Hung 洪湘茹
Graphics Designer : Jarvis Lim 林旂鋒 / Ivan Fang 方智弘
Motion Designer : Hsi-Jen Liu 劉熙真 / Peter Kienetz / Jim Chun-Liang Hsu 許峻良 / Daniel Chang 張淳堯
Music : Rockid Lee

字體設計 Font Design Agency : Justfont
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