In cooperation with WhiteLight Motion, I create a series of styleframes for Asus Laptop E410 Commercial "Move With Style". The style of these 3D characters refers to the icon on the laptop case, which is a main feature of E410.

Credit List —

Creative & Design Agency  |  白輻射影像 WhiteLight Motion
Project Manager |  林彥君 Janice Lin
Art Director |  洪鈺堂 Rex Hon
Key Visual Creative |  孫非比 Phoebe Sun、石曦璇 Xi Shih
Key Visual Designer |  石曦璇 Xi Shih、李世斌 Niel Lee
Promo Creative |  孫非比 Phoebe Sun、鄧楷蓉 Kaijung Teng
Storyboard |  鄧楷蓉 Kaijung Teng、林姿吟 Ziyin Lin、李世斌 Niel Lee
Styleframe & Lighting |  許峻良 Jim Hsu  Modeling |  游家廳 Chiating Yu
Motion Designer |  余添葆 Richard Yee、許峻良 Jim Hsu、郭盈孝 Ying Xiao
Compositor |  余添葆 Richard Yee、洪鈺堂 Rex Hon
Sound Designer |  彭郁哲HyperLung Studio

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